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English at Work

Cara Respon Tanya Jawab Bahasa Inggris Yang Berbeda Pada Umumnya Untuk Casual Chatting


  • What’s good? What’s good in the hood? What’s poppin’? how are you holding up? hey, sup? (How are you? What’s up? how are u doin’? How’s it goin’? How’s everything?)
  • can i pick your brain about something / i wanna pick ur brain (wanna ask opinion/questioning)
  • what do u have in mind? (wdyt? what do you think?)
  • You know what i’m saying?, You got it? u feel me? (do u understand me?)
  • could u run that by me again? repeating please? (for asking repeating)
  • i bet you’re wondering why (do u know why? do u wanna know why?)
  • which language are you talking? is it chineese? spanish? what? haha (completely not understand a word)
  • What brings you here? (nice to meet you haha, for long time no see, haven’t seen him/you/her/them in ages, )
  • fine, innit? (it’s good right? it’s good isnt’ it?)


  • we’d better get going (we should go)
  • zip it (shut up)
  • Duh (of course)
  • Much Appreciated, can’t thank you enough, (sthank you, thanks, ty, you shouldn’t have, appreciate it, owe you one, that’s so kind of you)
  • hang on, hold on, give me a sec/gimme a sec, just a moment/just a sec (wait)
  • stop faffing around (stop wasting time)
  • i don’t give a shit, idgaf, (whatever, doesn’t matter, not interested, what’s done is done, idc/i don’t care)
  • keep it under wraps (keep it a secret)
  • make it snappy (faster)
  • blimey! (oh my goodness, meu deus)
  • horseshit (nonsense, not true, bullshit)
  • dogshit (terrible)
  • batshit (crazy, nuts, losing your/my mind)
  • apeshit (angry, mad)
  • that’s the shit/this is the shit (the best)
  • Hit me up, give me a bell (call and or text, chat)
  • Bloody hell (fuck, damn)
  • sleep on it (think about it)
  • think over (consider)
  • let’s call it a day (let’s finish)
  • toodles (bye)
  • dish, spill the beans (tell me)
  • cut it out (stop it)
  • Hold your horses, chill, wind down, (relax, calm down – for someting that rush or in a hurry, patient)


  • Chillin’, pretty good, i’m doing well (i’m fine thank you haha)
  • i’m on cloud nine (i’m happy)
  • i’m fit as a fiddle (i’m fit and healthy)
  • i’m not young (i’m no spring chicken)
  • cool as a cucumber (i’m calm)
  • I look like a zombie, I’m worn out, i’m dead tired, i’m wiped out, i’m beat (i’m tired, i’m exhausted)
  • it’s beyond me, i don’t have a clue, beats me (i dont know / i have no idea)
  • i’m on the fence/i’m sitting on the fence (confuse, not sure about it, i’m in doubt)
  • i’m lost, you lost me, i didn’t catch that, i don’t get it, i didn’t get that, i’m not following u, i’m in the dark, you’re talking in code (i don’t understand)
  • I’ll sleep on it (i’ll think about it)
  • i get it, i feel you (i understand)
  • to my mind, as i see it, as far as i can tell, it seems to me that, to my way of thinking, from my pov/point of view, (in my opinion, as far as i’m concerned, i honestly believe that, i believe, i consider, it’s my belief that, i guess, i think)
  • you’re missing the point (that’s not exactly what i’m talking about)
  • that’s the whole point (yes after explanation)
  • word (i agree)
  • not in my book (disagree)
  • call off (cancel)
  • it slipped my mind (i forgot it)
  • No biggie, No prob (not a big deal, no problem)
  • That’s What’s Up, this/that/it’s dope/legit/lit/fire (it’s cool, it’s good)
  • lookin’ sharp, looking fresh, looking fly/you are fly, looking like a snack girl haha (on point, look good)
  • gotta bounce, gotta hit the road, gotta split, gotta dip, gotta make moves, i’m out of here hahaha (gotta go, have to go)
  • Not a chance, don’t even dream of it, uh uh, there’s a big no (na, you can’t. Absolutely not)
  • be my guest (sure, yes you can)
  • i find it hard to believe, i don’t buy it (i don’t believe it)
  • i’m stuffed, i’m done eating, can’t/couldn’t eat another bite (i’m full, i can’t eat anymore)
  • I rock with u (i like u)
  • ready freedy, locked and loaded, 5 by 5, all systems go, (all set, i’m ready, good to go, ready to roll, i’m done)

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